We are a top full-service casino provider in the area. We pride ourselves on supplying only the best quality service and equipment to our clients. Unlike our competitors, our tables rival those in Las Vegas. Each table has wooden bases, authentic wool felts, and real leather armrests. Our dealers are trained to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for you and your guests. Our experienced staff will assist you during all steps of the planning process to ensure the perfect casino event. Your next casino party will be a unique and memorable event that no one will soon forget!

“All of our guests loved the casino party we had for our wedding reception. You made everything look like a real Vegas casino, and everyone had a blast! My wife and I didn’t want our wedding to look like everyone else’s, and with your help we really will remember that day.”

John Chi, Private Party

Washington D.C. Casino and Poker Rentals - Roulette Party



Roulette is a popular casino game. The name comes from a French word meaning “little wheel”. A wheel is spun in one direction while the ball is thrown in the opposite directions. Players make bets on where the ball will stop; whether it is on a certain color (red or black), on a range of numbers, or on either an odd or even number. Washington D.C. Casino and Poker Rentals owns the finest roulette wheels and has first-class dealers that help make roulette a top game at your party.



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